About Me

An East Coast girl now living in the capital. Growing up beside my grandfather in his backyard workshop, I started drawing, painting and creating at a young age.

Home is a place where we go to recharge, gather and find comfort. Be it illustration, watercolour or interior design elements, my goal is to help you create a home and life you love. 

I’m a Mom of two boys, love to travel and am inspired by beauty in the little things near and far. 

Creating art inspired by the world’s natural beauty and the pleasure of exploring it. 

East Coast

I grew up on the ocean so salt air and seafood feel like home. Being from the East Coast of Canada my art is influenced with natural elements and designs.  


Nothing beats travel and adventure. Being in places created centuries ago, admiring the architecture and art and feeling the energy of the city or town. Travel challenges us in the best way to enjoy the beauty of the world. 


Stepping outside of your comfort zone, trying new food, local and fresh. Take in the smells and flavours of a new place and pair it all with a full glass of wine, these are the memories we hold.