How to add pattern and texture to your home

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Pattern and texture are key elements in creating an inviting and interesting space. Starting with a neutral colour palette, using larger items such as furniture, you can add patterned wallpaper or accents to create a focal point and add a pop of colour to any room.

Take a look at the oranges on navy wallpaper pattern below. By adding this pattern to a small room (or as an accent wall in a larger room), you bring to life the character and personality of a space. This rich dark pattern mixes well with natural elements such as a woven rug or basket. It also adds a touch of glamour when paired with a gold framed mirror or piece of art. Combining all of these elements creates a well-balanced and beautiful space.

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The experts agree. Two of my favourite interior designers, Emily Henderson and Shea McGee use wallpaper and texture in most of their designs. 

Another way to add colour and interest is through textiles. Sticking with an overall neutral colour palette, the oranges on a white pattern below mixes well with a rattan-framed mirror or natural chandelier. This light and organic pattern works beautifully as an accent on a throw pillow or cloth napkin adding both colour and movement.

“70% of my favorite rooms that we’ve ever designed have one thing in common – a high impact wallpaper or tile.”

However you choose to include patterns in your space, you can add depth and interest in both bold or subtle ways. The pop of colour and movement these two oranges patterns offer are both fun and classic.

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